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I am, really, bummed about this HD stuff. They want us to wear their logo on our t-shirts...they want their logo tattoo'd on our asses, they want all of our attire adorned with their badge and bar but when it comes to an open dialogue forum like this they want to shut it down because they have no control of it.

I, for one, am tiring of it quickly. You talk about control freaks.....

The MoCo wants to flood our lives with their advertising ploy by putting their logo on everything from panties to boots, but when a bunch of folks create and open exchange in the promotion of the product the MoCo produces and exploits us with they want to stifle it.

I am heretofore discontinuing the wearing of any item of apparel that contains a HD logo, I urge all of you to do the same. I am also removing the identifying logos from all of my motorcycles...I will start replacing any part that has a logo on it and eventually I'll get them all.

I urge each of you to wage a campaign of dissent by writing to HD and telling them that they are going to far to control our minds. Hell we are the people that keep them 'healthy.' We are the consumers of their product...why can't we use the logo to identify ourselves as such....isn't that what the logo was intended for.

They have gotten too big for their own customers?????

I am really pi$$ed about this intrusion.

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