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JimmyK said:
It ain't at all like the old days and there are specific reasons why.
Specific reason why.... is they don't care any more. They know that someone will plunk down the money for their bikes, pay a dealer outrageous prices to work on it and buy their overpriced crap.

I'm going to cleaning up garage this weekend, setting up a work bench and going to start doing minor stuff on the bike. I bought service manual for my bike and will buy what tools I need. Hopefully, I can go to Sears to get most instead of buying through H-D. What I can't do myself or with help of friends, I'll find a decent indy shop to work on it. Last resort/no other alternative will be dealer.

I also bought my jacket for $200(as mentioned above) at flea market and it's as thick and heavy as any H-D markets. Hey, and it's made in Pakistan same as the H-D stuff(or is theirs made in China? :rolleyes: That's another damn problem). It just doesn't have H-D on it. I've got enough t-shirts to last me for years. And if I lose some weight, I've got some 'new ones' in the closet. :D For cost of couple of t-shirts(@ $20+ a pop), I can get oil and stuff for bike. Save up a few times and I can spring for something else to put on bike(or better....save for 2nd one....:D....for wife).

I'm not a 'biker' but don't consider myself a 'rub' either. I have had bike for little over a year and have almost 19K in miles on it. I ride every day that I can. But I'm like everyone else, I'm tired of H-D MoCo looking at us as cash cows with no brains or balls. I waited 17 years before springing for one.
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