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..to home wrenches.

Re:Switching to gear drive cams.

Another riding buddy decided on gear drive for his 02 FL.
Got Andrews TW37 kit.
Install of bearings , cams, and inner gears went smooth.
Then we ran into a snag installing the outer cam gear (large).
With the key installed in the cam journal keyway, we were unable to install the gear drive. The key kept popping out. 3 keys and some minor scoring on the gear inner surface later, we discovered that the gear keyway had a "sloppy" cut. (Unfortunately, my digital camera went on the spazz, so no pics). To be more precise, the gear keyway on the camshaft side had a ridge that was not square to the key, thus not only popping the key out but binding on the camshaft journal lip. Anotherwords going in skewed. The good news is no damage to the camshaft since journal ends are hardened. Bad news, Cam outer gear useless...
Called Andrews. Tech's first question was "Did the gear go in skewed?" Sounded like there was more to the story. His following statement...."We've been outsourcing some gear manufacturing"
End results were very positive. Were able to return gear(s) for a replacement (both cam and pinion).
This time gear went in place without any issues.

Point of this post.
Check all your gears for true squareness of keyways.

Hope to save you some grief.

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