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i was just out on lunch and bought a two bulb, bates style headlight. i'd like to mount it on the front frame tube of my 2002 night train, police style. the light came without any instructions - flee market purchase, but there was a 12 volt battery so we tested the wires, see attached diagram.

i have a manual at home, still at work with some free time so i thought i'd ask the experts ...

can i just lift the gas tank, access the grip wires, as the good Dr. Heathen did for his heated grips install, find the high beam, low beam and constant power wires and just tie in there?

trying to do this without adding a switch, or making it as easy as possible.

any tips, thoughts, wise cracks welcome.

though i do not have a hyper charger and just got a hair cut, even a few mullet cracks to liven up the afternoon ....

thanks in advance
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