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So i bought this bike a couple of months ago....ugly as hell and spent a lot of time in the texas sun. Had a few small problems (leaks) but got it on the cheap and ran fine. i rode it for a week or so and tore it down.

The list of things I've done:
Fork Seal & bushings
replaced rear brake line due to a leak with a braided
20" apes
painted all the tins and bags
removed crash bars and driving lights

so here is my problem now,i can ride it for a few minutes or less and starts banging out and cant get more than half throttle. Then the range of throttle closes to were i cant get it off idle. Never have seen a check engine light but has a history trouble code of 14 which is a head temp sensor. Idles ok and starts ok. When i start to hear it or feel it coming on i can shut it off and turn it right back on, start it and it's fine for a while longer. I've tried "wiggle" test on the injectors and made sure all the connections are tight. Any ideas??
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