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WHO I thought maybe I woudl put on a nice sexy pair of...................................... WORK pants you guys are just wrong!!!!!!

I am looking for a way to help out the guys that are more than able to do it but just would like to see it done first to really give them idea of what they are going to be doing and WHAT not to do. Like dropping the piston pin clip in the bottom of the case. :thumbsup:
I think the concept will work well as you have outlined, as it will give the newbies a visual on workbench layout for placing the various component groups as they come off the bike.

I even thought about getting a set of plastic trays made purpose built, like the pros use, for say top end tear down, piston and cylinder tear down, cam change out, bottom end rebuild, etc. etc.

Naturally you will show all the "tricks of the trade" like the paper clip and rubber band system used to assist in adjusting the pushrods etc., proper use of the various tools, etc.

Gonna get the kids screaming about their DVD player and 12" tv dirty when their dads start doing the re runs ha!

All the best, Ozzie
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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