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V-ROD 1 FL said:
Here's a good debate.

It seems that more and more riders are of the opinion that a good 95" build will out perform the 103 and 113 and save the crank labor and parts costs too. Carberated or Injected.

What are the group experiences??
I would say a "good" 95" build is simply more cost effective for the performance gained. A "good" 103 or 113 will make both more horsepower and torque. Comparing equal builds....mild 103 vs mild 95..or a really "stout" 95 vs a stout 103...the bigger motor wins. for the average rider looking to make significant gains...95" or 98" is the way to go for the least $$$$$$.
Now..if you want a motor that makes 115\115..for the street..to be ridden every day...I'll take a lazy 120 incher over a high strung 95" anytime.
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