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95 sporty want to change to drag bars

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what size risers do the 1200c come with? i was thinking a 6 inch riser but was wondering if the cable lengths from a 1200c would work or still be too short. i have the reg pull back bars now, so just trying to figure this all out
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The stock XLCustom risers are 5.25 to the center of the bar. Distance wise, the rise/pullback of you bars is close to the drag bars & risers, one difference may be the angle of the brake fittings at the bars. Try your cables.
I have 7" rise and 8" pullback Tee Bars and the stock cables are fine. If I had gone any higher would have needed to change the clutch cable. I had flat drag bars on and found they would hit my fatbob tanks or the dash. So I went with the tee bars. I also find them more comfartable.
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