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Tommie, I'm getting it installed this week. From the people I have talked to, mosly favorable, but at least one person on this forum had/has pinging (detonating) problem at lower RPM (?). This seem rather rare, as far as I can tell. I wanted to stay with the dealer because 1) they are about a mile away, and @ 2) warranty (they will honor --bike is 3 months old)

The price I have from Glendale HD is $1550 (including 203 cams) parts and labor, w/o a reflash. I will probably get a Power Commander which is about 400 installed (my road king is efi). I also have a stage 1 and pipes currently. I will post in a couple weeks as to results, feel free to send a PM also, if you like.

If possible I am going to try and get it dynoed before the kit and after for comparo purposes.

1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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