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95" or not.....that is the question.

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Ok........how many have had the 95" engine upgrade done on their touring bike? I have already upgraded the pipes, air filter and installed PCIII on my Ultra. Thinking very seriously about having the SE Big Bore Stage II kit installed. What are the pros and cons to having this done and what will this cost?
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works for me, just don't go hi comp IMO.........

Also, don't let the stealer sell you new cylinders, bored out heat cycled ones are cheaper and better......
Tommie, I'm getting it installed this week. From the people I have talked to, mosly favorable, but at least one person on this forum had/has pinging (detonating) problem at lower RPM (?). This seem rather rare, as far as I can tell. I wanted to stay with the dealer because 1) they are about a mile away, and @ 2) warranty (they will honor --bike is 3 months old)

The price I have from Glendale HD is $1550 (including 203 cams) parts and labor, w/o a reflash. I will probably get a Power Commander which is about 400 installed (my road king is efi). I also have a stage 1 and pipes currently. I will post in a couple weeks as to results, feel free to send a PM also, if you like.

If possible I am going to try and get it dynoed before the kit and after for comparo purposes.

Tommie, I have a 2001 FLHPI w/ 95" big bore, SE 211 cams,SE air filter, Hooker True Duals, dealer reflash on ECM. Not the fastest barge on the block, but I like it ! :D
Thanks for the replies. Got to be more pros and cons on this upgrade.
Where are you HIPPO? :)
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