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95" Next Step

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I'm going to start a 95" build in the near future. The game plan at this point is reworked stock heads,.030 HG,SE flat top pistons,37G cams. My question is what other build options might I consider to kick this up a notch while still maintaining low rpm torque and reliability? Maybe a different brand of cams, SE heads?

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pa-glazier said:
Bike and riding style? Ome up or two?
Sorry, I ride an 05 glide. 30% of the time is spent riding 2-up on weekend trips with a few week long trips through the year. The rest of the time is solo and commuting back and forth to work 7 months out of the year.

How about 98 inch w woods tw5g cams? That's the one I would have done had I not been bottlnecked by the MM/EFI.
WEll since I am from MI , I know that you can get good fuel like ultra 94 you could go 98 bump compression and use the woods cams, or to save some money and still have great power you could go 9.7 and a aw37 cam as it is easier on the pocket book.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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