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That is a very good deal.....

...I would ask YOU a couple of questions.

How important is the warranty to you? Do you intend to upgrade more at a later time?

If the warranty is very important, I would take advantage of this good deal (without the cams) for now and ride it through the warranty period, then see that warranty expiration as an opportunity to upgrade the rest of the way (heads, cams). This is because doing the heads pretty well mandates matching the cams to the heads, and if you do the heads later, you may find that's the time to get the cams in there too. For the time being, you get to ride with some nice S/E flat top pistons and bored barrels which are perfectly good, high-quality parts. I for one have them and am very happy with them.

If the warranty is not so important to you, and you think you might like to get heads and cams done, then investigate doing those at the same time as this build. Might keep their shop busy and give you a great deal, from the sounds of it.

On the other hand,. i can not recommend paying up for the 203 cams, especially if you ever intend to get the heads done later - you will just have to junk the 203 cams then, anyway. I had the Stage II kit and was not impressed when compared to a Stage I 95" kit I also (later) took a spin on. But, to each their own.......

I later got the heads done and swapped out the 203 cams for Andrews 37G, and my scoot has tons of kick as a result (it's a Road King). The parts you get for the Stage I 95" kit are all usable in the later upgrade I did with great results (except for the fuel injection download, but that is what it is). I think the Stage I 95" kit is a real smart way to start out, as a result. Uses good parts and does not get in your way should you choose to do something else down the road.


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Motown_LEO said:
A local dealer (Signature HD- Ohio) is offering the 95" kit installed for $750. Since I already have the air cleaner kit on the bike they said they would do the kit including install for $650.

Is this a good deal?

Does the 95" kit make a noticable difference in HP/Torque over the exhaust and air cleaner kit w/ PCIII?

Kinda shows just how much the dealer makes during the rest of the year on these kind of upgrades.
Oh well I love a good deal....Go for it

With this kind of savings you might want to consider a SE Race Tuner and find a really Good Tuner to dial your bike in.
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