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Motown_LEO said:
Which cams would you recommend? I've heard of people losing either low end or high end power because of the cam selection. Not really even sure what I'd want.
Motown LEO,

I agree that $750 id a good deal for installing a stage II kit.

I think the kit comes with 203 cams, which will give you more torque in the low rpm range, usually a plus with baggers. Your other option (assuming you are restricted to HD products) is the SE 204 cam, which is very similar to the 203 but provides a little more top end.

The biggest thing you could do to influence this build is modifiy the heads.
If your flush, the SE heads are OK. Since the 95" kit5s are on backorder, you could also have your heads modified. Big Boyz (VTF Sponsor) does a great job for an unbeatable price ($300). Or you could buy a set of heads on Ebay, have them ported, and use them with your 95" build (the plus here is less down time).

Keep us posted on your decision.


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