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Motown_LEO said:
A local dealer (Signature HD- Ohio) is offering the 95" kit installed for $750. Since I already have the air cleaner kit on the bike they said they would do the kit including install for $650.

Is this a good deal?

Does the 95" kit make a noticable difference in HP/Torque over the exhaust and air cleaner kit w/ PCIII?
Yo Mo,

1. It's not a bad deal considering what labor usually costs if you are not a wrencher yourself.
2. Yes, there is a noticeable difference over stock by just going to 1550cc.
3. There's no way that includes cams.
4. Yes - cams would add considerably to the labor cost in addition to the cost of the cams themselves, but the boyz are correct - they make a big difference themselves too.
5. The stage one that you already have will only make it NICER with the 95" and that PCIII.
6. Tuning is everything. Get it dyno tuned by a pro. Dealers don't usually do the best job at that and they usually hate PC over SERT so don't even usually try to mess with them.

Jugs, heads, and cams are three different "evolutions" in the build. If you don't want to spend the cash all at once right now, do their deal and then come back and get your heads done and matching cams to that headwork at a later time - but do them both at the same time (heads and cams.)

Let us know what you do in this thread once you decide.

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