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95 inch and SE heads

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I am planing on putting a big bore kit and SE heads on my TC just a question if I am using a HD gasket set I have heard some say to not put the O rings on the dowel pins is this true? I have changed out my cams and put a mikuni 42 on. Any jet changes needed?
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Right. Don't need the "O" rings. Have you bought the BB and heads yet? I just took my 95" and SE heads off, make you a heck of a deal!!
You may need to up your jet, dyno will tell. What cams?
Hey JB thanks for the info. I thought I should leave them out just checking. The cams I have in the bike are the andrews TW37G. I have already bought the heads and big bore kit but my brother has a 2001 Fat boy, he might be interested in your deal!
Cool. I have them listed in the Classified Section of this forum. The header is "F.S. Big Bore and SE Heads". I'm in NJ, you're in Mass, the shipping shouldn't be too bad.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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