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Had a Weird Set of Events the Other Day. Bike Started Fine(As Usual) Went on Down the Road( About a Half Mile) to the Red Light and the Bike Stalled? Thought Maybe I Inadvertantly Hit the On/Off Switch? Re-Started Right Away. Seemed Normal Cause the Light Changed and Off I Went.
Did My Usual "Hot Rodding" (With Another Bike. I Won!) and as I Slowed Down for Traffic I Noticed That it Seemed to Want to Stall? I Also Noticed That If I Kept the "R's" Over 1800 All Was Fine? So I Figured I Better Head Back Home to Figure Things Out. On the Way, While Doing About 30 or So, I Pulled in the Clutch to See if it Would Stall? It Did. Tried to Let it Jump Start itself. WRONG! Too Much Compression, Needs the Releases to Start. Did a Little Slide and Pulled to the Side of the Road. Started Right Back Up and Back Home I Went.

Here's the Weird Part, Let it Set for Awhile Trying to Think and Eliminate Possibilities. Went Back to it and Started it Up. It Ran Fine?? As Normal?? It Did Register a Code But All the Shops are Closed Today!

Anyone Got Any Ideas??

Here's What I Have(Maybe PCIII USB is Failing? Installed I Sept./October '04(SERT's Wern't Available Yet))

SE Heads w/Comp. Releases
SE 1550 Cyl
10.5:1 Forged Pistons
Stage II Download from MOCO
Sampson Short Slashers w/Baffles
HD Clutch
SE 257 Cams
Dyno's @ 95hp & 99Tq
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