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What do people think about this build on a bagger? I was going to go with a Scotsman, or Deweys 37g build, but for the price diffrence this might be good enough. I ride 2up 10% at the most and like to get on it when I can.

95" cylinders
SE 211 cams
.030 cometic
SE Hi Comp Forged pistons
stock heads

I also thought about this bulid with SE performance heads and flat tops?

I soon will make a decision as have I started to disassemble my bike.

As always thanks for the replys

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Ok your Se build Even with the piston you choose you do not have enough compression. That se up will yeild 9.6 that 211 works better at 10.1+ even at 10.1 it is a late building cam not my first choice for a bagger. I have swapped plenty out for a woods tw5 as the riders all wanted more bottom end and that was with 10.5 compression and the HTTC heads.

There are several ways to get power without h/c not that it is a bad thing. 9.6 comp ratio and the 204 would be a better choice if you are stuck on SE parts.

If you take some time to search builds here you will find plenty of combos , such as what you are looking for.

95 kits
98 kits

All have a use some offer more than others.
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