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Not sure if anyone is interested or not but Fairfax HOG’s regular scheduled monthly meeting for September falls on 9/11. The plan is to have a very short meeting starting at 7:30 PM, lasting about 15-20 minutes. Then they are having a group ride scheduled to depart from the Patriot Harley Davidson in Fairfax VA and ride over to the Pentagon. Once there, if possible, they are hoping to stop and conduct a short tribute to those people who lost their lives in the attack a year ago that day.

This ride is open to anyone who maybe interested, in riding to the Pentagon. You don’t have to me a Fairfax HOG member and the ride will have a police escort.

There is a possibility that if there is too much going, that evening, that we maybe only able to ride past the side of the building the plane hit, by the heliport. If you are interested please plan on stopping by Patriot H-D the evening of 9/11.


Here is Fairfax HOG web site: http://www.fairfaxhog.com/, they don't have anything up on their page, yet, but that was the plan as of the August meeting.
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