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Anyone own/considering an 883R?...It's a good looking scoot, for sure!...I'd love to own one, but would like some feedback from anyone who has one now.....what did you pay?...is this a limited edition?.....how long did you wait?...if I wait til spring will I still be able to get one?
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What the local HD dealer told me

He said that in his opinion, this 883r was going to be a limited edition and that HD wasnt going to make too many of them. Could have been a sales pitch, but he knew I wasnt buying or in the market for an 883.

This may be true considering HD has their own way of marketing their bikes and getting top dollar for them.

I bought an 883r in august. Its been a great bike. I would suggest trying one on at a dealership. Not only was it the tallest bike on the showroom floor (I am 6'0" and anybody more than an inch shorter than me would have a hard time sitting on it properly with the factory pre-set shocks), but it also sounds quite a bit different than the regular sportsters due to the 2 into 1 exhaust.

So far I have only had one problem with it. At bike week, the exhaust support bracket snapped. I have a scremin' eagle slip fit on which points at a different angle than the stock pipe. This puts more pressure on the bracket and it eventually broke. Since the dealership is covering it under warranty, I will keep bringing it back until a new bracket comes out or the find a way to mount it differently.

I have a feeling this will be a fairly limited edition bike as well. My local dealership only got two for all the 2002 model year. When I was looking for mine, they were pretty hard to come by.
Opinions: Do you think a big guy (6'4", 280 lbs) could ride this bike without mods? Not expecting it to be tourer, but an around town bike...
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