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883/1200 'engine swap' service....

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Wondering if there's a shop where I could ride up on my 883, they TAKE my engine and keep it to refurbished, and install a 1200 they've already done.

Might work, if word gets out....people might really go for it, especially if the new 1200 (or 1250, whatever) was better (better cams, ported heads, etc) than stock 1200.

Hmm. Might be ONE MORE way an after market solution could 'stick it' to the MoCo. Nice.
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One problem is what to do with all the 883 motors left over? Maybe trading the whole bike for a 1200 would make more sense?
aumoore said:
One problem is what to do with all the 883 motors left over? Maybe trading the whole bike for a 1200 would make more sense?
I believe he was implying that they would than perform the upgrade on the removed engine, and sell it as a 1200/1212/1250 to someone else. If you buy a stock 1200, you'd still need to get engine head work done to match the power of a 1250 conversion.
It would be a great idea, but the engine VIN would no longer match the frame VIN.
the swapped 883 would become someones next 1200

My 883 would get reconditioned for the next guy, as a 1200.

As a consumer, if this was done quickly, while I wait, it would be worth it. Ride in, ride out....like swapping tires on my truck. To the experienced shop, it should be very simple and quick thing to swap an engine...if they're good.

As far as the VIN, I dunno. As long as the one on the frame matches your title, who cares?? I don't care about resale.
yeh great untill you get pulled over and the law takes your bike away.about 10 years ago had a friend with a 58 title matched the motor frame had no numbers {Police bike} still hasn't got it back had all the paperwork & was purchased from the police dept used. go figure
had no idea....

You mean you can't put a new engine in a bike??? Sounds fishy, but maybe that sort of thing varies from state to state.
Not like you can with a car, without going through some hassle to make it "legit" (though I don't know all the specifics).

It has to do with theft, and spot checks are done at times to ensure engine #'s match frame #'s.

Starting in 1970, the title goes with the frame. As long as the engine numbers are still legible and are after 1969, there should be no problems. However, if you have a bike that is 69 and earlier, you better have the title match the engine VIN, and the frame better be earlier than 1970.

At least that's been my experience.

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