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80 inch looking for STEROIDS

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I just purchased a 1997 Fatboy with a stock engine. I really want more horsepower without giving up my reliability. What could a guy do to increase his HP to 85-95 Ponies. I also purchased a Vance and hines Pro Pipe HS 2 into 1. One of the local HD shops figures I should goto the 89inch stroker kit without any problems thereafter. The other HD shop says that keeping it an 80 and just going with flowed heads, pistons, cam, pushrods, ignition, carb kit and an AC kit would be the better choice. I'd sure like it if someone could help me out with this tough decision. I don't do any really long trips very often. I need a rider friendly bike with lots of punch. Any suggestions would be great.
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I have a 96 Evo and I juiced it last year ...SE heads, 10.5:1 SE Pistons...SE57 Cam and hydro solid lifters...Mikuni HSR 42 Carb...and the adjustable ignition module. I already had the SE air filter kit and the KromeWerks pipes.

I ride thousands of miles and this past year did 4 Corners Rally in Colorado from CA...a total of 3500 miles in about 10 days...never missed a beat and ran like a scalded ass ape.

I know several people who are running that configuration and they never experience reliability issues.

Have you ran your bike on a Dyno and if you have, how much horsepower did you gain? What bike do you own?
It was a FatBoy but now it's in Street Stalker trim... The factory says it's about 95-100 hp...I have no need to dispute their number...it goes!

It gained a bunch, before that it had the EV-27 cam SE kitted CV Carb and the exhaust. Day and night...dyno numbers are bogus...does it get left behind...not much it doesn't.

I can vouch for Mannys scooter, it does run like a bear, as long as his battery stays up....
Nener, I repeat, NEVER try to get over three years out of a battery...you'll never hear the end of it...LOL



You are not alone in regard to the battery gone bad. I have maintained the batteries in the scooters that I have owned over the years better then I have taken care of the wife ,or so I am told, but it seems to me that 3 years is it for the life of one. Not that it is bad, it is just all that I can get out of one.

With your engine mods., do you see much of a drop in fuel mileage?

I did the conversion to my '89 FLSTC several years back with the S&S E carb. /ajustable pushrods/high flow and filter with after market pipes and EV 27 cam. It was nice at full throttle, but as far as riding to Flordia, Texas or ane long distence, it was not fun getting 140-150 miles to the tank (5 gal.)

Any advice would be appreciated.

Ride Safe
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When I was running the EV-27 cam etc. I was getting 45-50 mpg depending on the level of abuse...LOL. I had the stock CV with the SE kit in it. It ran flawlessly.

When I juiced the compression and went BIG on the cam and horsepower, I went to the HSR 42 Mikuni and now my mileage is 35-40 mpg but for the horsepower I'm making, that is acceptable I can go about 185 miles on the 5 gallon tanks.

S&S carburetors are notorious for poor mileage. But they perform well. It's a trade off. I kept the SE CV carb on the shelf for anyone who is interested, it ran great and was stingy on the fuel.

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