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If this 750 Street was for me I would flat track it street legal. Would be a cool ride.
Real world it is for Granddaughter to start riding on. This thing is going Urban. Saddle bags what good is a bike she can't carry anything on. A solo style seat, going to raise the handle bars 10-12 inches after she get use to riding. Some HD style engine guards.
Not a big fan of the black out thing , but the bike is already blacked out mostly so going with that. LED lights for turn signals that throw a nice bright pattern. Have a Bassani exhaust for it but is to loud sound s like chit IMO. Down the road a HD night stick would do nicely .
Fun to have a bike around that we can work with and still have it ready to ride anytime. While making changes. I keep finding reasons to ride it.

So it begins:

Turn it over to the INDY for some mirror extensions up and out just what it needed.


Saddle bags done:


LED's done.

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