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So, basics of it is..

Always wanted a Harley.. Never really had the money, esp. for the ones I wanted ie early 70s era... They are all so tricked and worked that there is gonna be a big price tag and you almost feel bad swapping out a bunch of the parts..

Well, finally found one a few weeks ago.. Dirty, oldskool, but it started up like a dream, ran well.. So, I called it a deal and took it home.

Only to find out, the left motor case is cracked in front of the drain plug.. And the drain plug boss is blown out too... Not like I didn't expect something like that..

So, got a plasma cutter, tig welder, cnc machine, 3d scanner, blah blah blah.. Oh, yah, part of the reason I bought it is to make parts for it. I am not a half bad fabricator and designer, so I figured fine, lets go for it..

Probably gonna drain the fluids and JB weld the crack from the inside to solve the issue since probably first thing I will do is mill up a belt drive conversion which will solve that issue. It looks like the chain tensioner was slamming against the bottom of the case and caused the crack. Ugh. Welcome to Harleys eh?

May also do the dual plug mod, then move on to an EFI conversion, powdercoat the hell out of the bike so it looks pretty, blah blah.. Its gonna be sort of a cluster to some degree, but, I will do my best to keep it rideable while I make new parts and get ideas for it..

And, YES< I am keeping the suspension. I like my kidneys, etc..

Anyway, hopefully I will get some cool things done with this ride and be able to share some of the pain with you all and maybe avoid some of it with the info from here.

Pretty much anything with a motor I have loved since about the age of 2. Was a willing monkey rider of a Honda 50 minibike when I was 3, I loved it, but rode it around and realized I had no idea how to stop and panicked. The new swingset grandma bought didn't do so good on the impact lol! I hit it doing about 15 mph. Btw, thanks Dad, thats how I ended up like this and it has served me well. :) There is some film of that incident floating around, I am sure its considered child abuse these days lol..

But, ya, thats really all you gotta know about me.. Everything else is pretty mundane.
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