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41 or 49 mm forks on a 93 FXR?

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I’ve tried searching but haven’t found an answer. I’m new to FXRs and want to know if I find a 41 or 49 mm front end with narrow glide triple trees would it be a simple swap or are there other considerations? Or are there better ways to upgrade the front end of an old evo? Maybe Japanese take offs from some other bike? Thanks for any information.
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Fxr's have either 35 or 39 mm forks,, early models had 35,, later models had 39.. i believe 1987 went to 39mm.an inexpensive dial caliper would solve it for you.
Any other size has been installed by a previous owner.
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Honestly,, take fron forks apart, replace the bushings and seals.. use progressive springs, as mentioned above,, with emulators, and 20 or 30 weight synthetic fluid..
You will be very happy..
As to the rear shocks,, progressives are way over rated, and over priced for what you get... I have Koni full adjustable on my fxrs,,, it handles fabulously.. on those old junk (not), 35mm forks... ohlins are very good..
I wish. You the best in whatever you decideto do,, after all this is an internet forum, taking anyone's advice, is not advisable...
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