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2007 Road King:

I put a set of Hogpro wheels on my bike about 7k miles ago, along with a set of their matched, floating rotors. All was well until I parked in the garage one night after a long (and wet) ride...got up the next day and realized that the left front rotor was leaned up against a cardboard box. After that, I had a pulsating front brake under light braking and the shhh-shhh-shhh sound when not braking. My mistake for sure...

About a 100 miles ago, I replaced both front rotors with a new set of stainless, non-floating rotors. I checked the runout before riding it and the left was .006, and the right was .007 (HD specs .009 and greater O/O/T).

All was good for the first 100 miles or so...but now they are warped too...same results as before (but without leaning it against anything). I'm too disgusted to put the dial indicator on it yet...but they're warped for sure.

Still running the stock brake pads, and all bolts (rotor and axle) are torqued to spec...

Any ideas?
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