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Thanks to all on the posts on oil (yes I have done the research). I have three questions:

Q1. i have an 89 Evo thats gone around the clock. Im about the 5th owner so don't know if/when it has been rebuilt. Its not blowing smoke or using (much) oil however my oil pressure gauge only shows about 5psi when warm (down from 20-25when cold) . I use 20w50 dino (valvoline). I won't switch to synth because of $ and I can't help tinkering and changing the oil frequently anyway.

Will changing to 25w-60 help appreciably with the pressure/reduce engine wear etc and does it have any detrimental side affects (ie thicker oil flowing less freely)?

Q2. At what psi should a "run in" Evo be operating?

Q3. If multigrades give extra protection with the benefit of faster lubrication at start-up why are single grade oils still being used, even in older twins?

Thanks for any assistance.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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