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I am not in here often but I have a few items that might help out the guys looking to build a bike. Here are the frames that are going cheap. THe frames are made by kraft tech. They are a good frame, they are a single down tube and are a hidden axle design for a evo mount. I have used these frames without trouble in the past. Retail on these are 2500 for the 38 rake and 3000 for the 40 rake. your choice of either frame for 1900 + shipping to your location. Also round oil bags for each that are raw finish for 350 they are a built in battery box and 3.5 qt. The oil bags are i the 450 range retail all of these items are new not used. If you are under the gun to get the bike built before the law goes into effect this is the ticket as all you need is a roller chassis. with mso's for frame engine, trans, and you can get it regisiterd.

1 3/8 tubing
38 rake
2 inch stretch
5 backbone

1 3/8
40 rake
8 stretch
8.5 back bone
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