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V-Twin Forum Ride of the Month event 2 poll

  • pb68slab 1968 FLH

    Votes: 21 91.3%
  • Radams 1972 Sportster

    Votes: 2 8.7%

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Time to choose the 2nd V-Twin Forum Ride of the Month for 2017.

Which of these fine examples of old Harley iron deserves to be the next V-Twin Forum Ride of the Month. We have a classic Shovelhead and a nicely done Iron head XL. Which one will be the victor of the 2nd V-Twin Forum Ride of the Month event for 2017?



Well , If I can avoid the threat of arrest , I'd like to enter my 1968 slab-side Shovelhead Electra-Glide.

Year: 1968 Harley Davidson
Model: Electra Glide FLH
Eng size: 1340
Transmission: 4spd
Pipes: Paughco
Seat: Corbin Gentry
Wheels: 16x3 front , 16x3.5 rear
And the story:pic is a few years old , soon after I freshened up the motor with some 1980 80Cu.in. internals , Andrews A cam , S&S E carb , Paughco pipes and electronic distributor.



1972 Sportster
Year 1972
Model Sportster
Motor 1000cc
Transmission 4 Spd
Pipes Khrome Werks
Seat Unknown Solo
Wheels stock rims powder coated black with stainless steel spokes and Dunlop tires

i bought this as a winter project and told the wife would fix it up and sell and now she knows I'm not selling馃榾. The bike was not running when I picked it up and it had 24320 miles on it. Just finished this project, has been a 2 year project. Had the frame black powder coated along with everything that was chrome is now powder coated black. Sent out the cam case and primary case powder coated flat wrinkle black. Used the stock handlebars. Picked up the battery today and looking forward to hearing it run this weekend. Always a great feeling when you complete a project and look back at it.


There you have it, two fine scooter, but only one can win. So have it it and choose the V-Twin Forum Ride of the Month event 2 champ.

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that's really tough.... both are kickas$ for different reasons. Gonna havta stew on it for a bit. FLH is kinda a old Road King before there was such a thing. The Sporty has been modernized and tricked out kinda minimalist. Damn, thats hard.

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Na, back in the day the carbs were off my old sporties a lot. Can't really fault the guy for having it off for service.
well I'd like to disagree....the bike should be runnin...where do ya stop?

whoops sorry....it's NOT really about the bike anyway :gun:

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Looks like event #2 is in the books

Congratulations to pb68slab and his 1968 FLH for being selected by the membership as the 2017 V-Twin Forum Ride of the Month - Event #2 champions.

Lets give him a big shout out for his landslide victory.
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