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2014> Ultra Classic & FLHTK still very hot to ride?

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Have not ridden in a year or so due to health and now I'm starting to look for a bike.

From what I understand even the new 2014 Ultra Limited are still very hot so I would assume that the standard Ultra Classic is still hot also.

If the past i did own a 2010 FLHTK with the full rinehart system and that bike was not only way to loud the heat was insane.

So question is the new liquid cooled Limited models are they livable os just was waste fo my time. Im not about to buy a complete exhaust system and tuner to try and fix the problem.

Would like some honest feedback before I make a expansive mistake again :dunno:
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I don't feel that my '14 Limited runs that hot. It did come with the heat shields though.

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The liquid cooled head bikes are a major difference. Changing exhaust is not cooling anything down , that is a myth.
Removing the CAT will get rid of some heat in the area of the CAT.
I can honestly say that on my 09 removing the cat, which was the left slip on, made almost no difference in the heat coming from the rear cylinder area. Compared to the Yamaha I had this engine runs hot. I've just learned to accept it as the norm.

I did see some fans at the last bike week. Fans that mount on the left side and blow across the cylinders and heads. At first I dismissed them as a gimmick since all it's going to do it blow all the hot air onto my right leg instead of sharing it with both legs. But I talked to a guy that installed them on his bike and he says it's a noticeable difference.

I may try them.

Love jugs, is what they are called. I think.
I changed the head pipe on mine, no cats and ceramic coated, freer flowing slip-ons too. That helped a lot, but I still get the "hot right leg" issue to some extent, but not nearly what it was stock.

Some other ideas I have not tried is a tank lift and removing one of the two, probably the left, "air directors" (sorry I don't know the proper name) at the back of the engine to help the air flow one way across the engine.

Good luck and ride safe.
When I took delivery of my 1999 Ultra Classic it was hot. Stage one and different slipons later it was warm but still what I would consider to be very hot in summer stop and go traffic. When I took delivery of my 2007 Ultra Classic it was very hot. Bigger motor. More heat.Stage one and different slipons later it was still very warm and what I would consider to be very very hot in summer stop and go traffic. When I took delivery of my 2016 Ultra Limited it was a totally different bike. Wasn't hot. I've ridden it for 2 years and there hasn't been a single time I've noticed the bike being hot. I've ridden with the EITMS disabled year round. I may do a stage 1 for performance reasons however it won't be to address any heat issues. You'll find other riders that disagree with my experience. YMMV
My fix was simple, sold the bike and went back to Road King ;-)
My 2012 FLHP ran hot after I added the Rinehart slip ons. Even though they claimed it wasn't required I then added a tuner and made the bike run richer. This cooled it down quite a bit.
When i changed my y pipe and put on the true duel kit i noticed that the valves were white from running to lean. after i installed a fuelpak and made it run rich it ran cooler.
lost some power but worth it..the cat is a heater as well.
believe it or not the love jugs works too..
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