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2013 EG Ultra Classic Fork oil Change

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I have a 2013 EG Ultra Classic,
I have a Question about front fork oil change procedures.
Yes I have a service Manual.
My previous ride was a 2006 Heritage,
The fork oil change was easy drain the fluid measure the fluid compare to specs. Fill to service manual 12oz.
On my 2013 EG Ultra the manual states dismantle the fork assembly replace Damper valve and seals fill oil to 10.7oz. Damper type 11oz conventional type
On the photo it shows the fork drain screw in the middle of the fork tube where the axle is.
On my Ultra the fork drain screw is on the lower side of tube.
This makes me think maybe my Ultra has a conventional fork type not a Damper valve.
My main Question is couldn't I just drain the fork tubes measure and compare to the fluid specs amount the service manual states and fill each tube with the same amount of oil removed?
The same way I did to my old ride 06 Heritage.
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is there an easy way to refill them...with full eg-fairing?...i did it once and thats enough work for me.... draining is easy
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