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Bought a 2011 Limited this summer. Black for the faster ride. 6K miles now. Traded in my 2007 Road King. It was Black too.

Already gutted the cat on the Limited and have 2" baffs with K&N and Fuel Pak. Garage night with the group. I think we've done 5 cats. now. Also have parts to do the painted inner fairing and tour pak detatch kit/street glide seat. put on new pegs, smoke windshield, windshield trim, chrome shift linkage, Hwy pegs, speaker chrome bezzles. I think that's it.

Great Bike, love the power and sound without cat., smooth engine and tranny, great brakes, fantastic in turns for a full dress. Itchin to ride but 20 deg F and flurries (hmmm... it does have heated grips... ?)

Just had the brake switch recall done, hoping it will fix the tour pak bulb issue also. Went through 2 bulbs on back left corner socket. Dealer said it should.

Been ridin for 23 years and "more rides this year" (could be my motto) Sturgis for sure, Smokey Mountains, Michigan, upper New York State.

I don't ride because I want to ... I ride because I "HAVE" to.
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