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Hey guys. New to the forum. Bought a used 2010 black FXDWG last August. It's my second bike. Had a Sportster 883C for 1.5 years before buying the WG.

Trying to do a few small things during the off-season. Namely removing the skulls and grenade foot pegs the previous owner put on the bike. Neither are my thing. If you're interested in purchasing the HD skull axle nut covers, derby cover, or air filter that I'm removing, let me know.

I'm looking at replacing the rear factory shocks with the Progressive 430 black 11" shocks and doing the drop-in front fork lowering kit. I spoke with Progressive about this setup and they say they're shocks bottom out at 9.64" (bolt-to-bolt on the rear shock) and it's up to the owner to verify that this will not cause issue with clearances. Clearances involved with fender to belt drive guard or brake caliper, etc. Has anyone removed the rear shocks and measured the bolt to bolt dimension of 9.64" and verified what issues may be involved with using Progressive shocks. They claim the 9.64" dimension is the same regardless of using their 11", 11.5", 12", or 12.5" shocks. Seems to me it shouldn't be a problem, but wanted to see what you all have experienced.
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