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Just sold my '06 Dyna, loved the bike but way to much vibration for me. I'm looking at an '06 Softail Deluxe that's in like new condition this week, and am wondering if the Deluxe vibrates a lot as well. I think it has the B motor which is counter balanced, but does that eliminate all vibration ? Appreciate any and all input.
A l'il vibration is all part of the Harley mystique LOL. My '01 Heritage had a minor "buzz" when on the slab but not enough to bother me. otoh, my rubber mount '12 FLHP has hardly any vibes at all on the highway.

If I were looking at/for another Heritage I'd want one of the latter year bikes with the 103 and 6 speed JM-2$en#e-
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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