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2006 Flhxi New Takeoff Motor and accessory parts taken off at the dealer for sale (approx 5 miles on them by H-D Factory).

Money order checks (with allowable clearing time) and PayPal accepted. [email protected]

You pay shipping costs.

Replies/inquirys to [email protected]

Stock cans and lowers with stock springs, baffels and wheel spacers -- $100

NEW MOTOR PARTS Dealer take off parts 5 miles.
Stock pistons with rings attached -- $40 obo.
Stock cams -- $35
stock Push Rods --$15
New Inner Primary Cover --Black with bearing $125

Stock fuel injection manifold, injectors and throttle body (New Delphi unit in 2006) -- $150

NEW TRANSMISSION dealer take off parts 5 miles.
New complete 5 speed factory assembled "trap door" -- $550
New Stock Chrome clutch cover -- $30.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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