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2006 Dyna Wide tire kit 180/60/17

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does anybody know why this is a (n expensive ) "kit"? I do most of the work on the bike by myself. I am still waiting for my new Street Bob which has to come in March, but I had a look on a SB in the dealers showroom. And there´s plenty of room under the rearfender and between belt and tire. I think only the tire has to be changed and it will fit perfectly. Or do I go wrong? The "kit" is about 4 -500 Euros in Germany, the 180 tire alone is only 149 Euros. So what do I pay for in this Kit?:whatever:
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I put the kit on my 06 street bob. I comes with new brackets for the fender also. It's a little pricey for what you get but it looks good on the bike...
Floyd78, Can you explain what these fender brackets look like or post a picture.

Like 271ABN, I can't see why I can't just fit the tyre!:confused:
To be honest with you I don't see why you can't just put a tire on. The brackets are a little bit thinner to give you a little bit more clearance between the struts. But if you have to you can modify the stock strut brackets. I had the kit thrown in when I got the bike so I never really gave it any thought. But if I was to buy it again I would try to make an aftermarket tire work. There is quite a bit of clearance in there anyways. I would post a picture but the kit is on the bike already.
Floyd78 - Thanks for the info, much appreciated:thumbsup:
thanks for the description. In Germany we can´t customize the bike as we want to because we have to show every technical customizing to the "TÜV", an organisation watching cars and bikes in technical case :thumbsdn: Had luck to get the complete SE wide tire kit from Ebay Germany yesterday for 199€, with all necessary papers for the TÜV :beer4u:

StreetBob news:
Some official Harley dealers here in this area put a 200 dunlop tire ( stock 2006 Softail tire ) on a 5,5x17 wheel under the stock fender of the new Dyna- must be possible , too. Have some pictures of it but can´t post it here.
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