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Hello everyone, Happy Thanksgiving!
I'm asking if I need to upgrade the throttle body in the engine I'm building this winter. 2005 88" B motor with 4-3/8 flywheel, 3.938 pistons and also ported heads with 1.98 intake valves. This will make the motor an basically 107". I believe stock is an Two piece Delphi 43 mm with 4.3 GPS injectors. I will be running an Thundermax tuner. I've spent most of my budget on the flywheel and S&S jugs, pistons and headwork. Will the motor be lacking optimal torque & HP if I do not upgrade?
I think Hillside can bore to 46.5mm possibly 300$ or HPI has an older style Delphi unit for roughly 800$.
Any thoughts would be appreciated.
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