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2005 1200c

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jackson hd has them for 8600 deal or no deal seems very good to me.
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great deal. go buy it so your buddy will have someone to ride with.
when they first came out with the 2006's, I was in at the HD dealer in Ohio I deal with and they had a 1200c for $1000 under msrp, with free freight and set up. when the new bikes are out at the dealers, there are deals on previous year bikes left. good deal for someone buying a bike.
I got my '05 1200c in Ohio. Bought it in March for $800 under msrp, no prep and no freight. + a $500 gift card. I know some of the dealers in western pa were also offering $500 gift cards on the new '06's.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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