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I just picked up a 2003 Ultra with 4000 miles in October. It's in great shape, but it has stock exhaust. Last time I went riding, my friends asked me if my bike was running(not funny). My 2003 Dyna has the stock exhaust with the baffles bored out and is pretty loud. The Ultra is a nice ride, but it feels like it has a lot less power. I'm sure the extra couple hundred pounds and the fuel injection are the problem.

Anyway, here is my question. I want to add the most power and get a good sound. I have been doing research and it looks like the Power Commander mixed with a 2:1 SuperTrapp Supermegs looks like a pretty good mix and will give good low to top end performance. My local dealer has a dyno and said they could tune it.

Anybody have any thoughts on this combo?
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