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Hi All

I have a 2003 FXSTSI with 28,000 miles on her. I recall looking at the specs on my Springer, on the Harley Website in 2003, about stopping distance comparisons on all the different Harley models.

All the 2003 models "with a full load" including the Sporster, stopped at approx 160 feet from 60 mph, except for the

Springer, which stopped at approx 18 feet farther "if memory serves me right" approx 178 feet.

Now the springer was the only bike in 2003 with a 1 piston front break caliper, all the other 03 models had a 2 piston front

break caliper.

I am told by my dealer that the Springer front end is approx "3" times heavier than the other models front ends, with the 21

inch front wheel, and this is the reason for the head bearings needing adjusting and finally replacement after X number of


I know this because I need the head bearings now on my bike with 28,000 miles.They can't be adjusted any further and need to

be replaced. The bearings are cheap approx $30.00 but the labor will be approx 2 1/2 hours at $60.00 an hour.

Now my Question:

If the front end is 3 times heavier on a Springer, and the greatest stopping power on a bike is the front break, when the

front break is properly applied and the weight transfer takes place going toward the front of the bike, why would the

Springer with a "heavier front end" take a longer distance to stop? I am also told front tire size is not an issue.

Here are weights I found

2003 Harley-Davidson
FLSTS/FLSTSI Heritage Springer
Vehicle Weight In Running Order (unladen) 741.0 lbs. (337.0 kg)

2003 Harley-Davidson
FLSTC/FLSTCI Heritage Softail Classic
Vehicle Weight In Running Order (unladen) 738 lbs. (335.0 kg)

2003 Harley-Davidson
Vehicle Weight In Running Order (unladen) 705 lbs.(320.0 kg)

Start 21 inch front tire my bike first
2003 Harley-Davidson
FXSTS/FXSTSI Springer Softail
Vehicle Weight In Running Order (unladen) 694.0 lbs. (315.0 kg)

2003 Harley-Davidson
FXST/FXSTI Softail Standard
Vehicle Weight In Running Order (unladen) 672.0 lbs. (305.0 kg)

2003 Harley-Davidson
Vehicle Weight In Running Order (unladen) 672.0 in. (305.0 kg)

2003 Harley-Davidson
FXSTD/FXSTDI Softail Deuce
Vehicle Weight In Running Order (unladen) 672.0 lbs. (305.0 kg)

By the way I put on an after market 4 piston break calipers on my Springer from day 1.

Please advise.


John G
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