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2003 Name Plate

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I want to put a Tach on my 2003 Wide Glide. The mount for the Tach installs on the handle bar. The 100th Edition Name Plate on the 2003 models is bolted where the Tach mount is supposed to go. The dealer doesn't have an answer. I've called Harley customer service a few times but can't get through --- they must be real busy because they haven't returned my call.
Is there anybody out there that has a 2003 on order with plans to install a Tach?
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BRHarley said:
I just ordered this above Speedo and Tach for my FatBoy today as well! Looks slick and takes care of placing a Tach on your handle bars yoke covering up the 2003 plate or getting in the way of your wind screen!

But it is a little pricey :rolleyes:
cox9000 said:
I'm sure you know from my other posts that I'm still waiting on my bike but I wanted to know if you installed that combo speedomter / tach yet. You posted that you ordered it, so I was just wondering if it came in and got installed. Could you do me a favor and let me know what you think of it after it gets installed. I've got to wait until September before I'll know.
Check this sh&t out! Just got back from my dealer and we both overlooked that the TACH/SPEDO (found on page 324 of the 2003 Harley Catalog) is for FXSTD models only!

For the FLSTF (Fatboy's) I need to order the mini-tach that mounts on the handlebars (just like you said) but wait! We have special 2003 brackets that are being placed their as part of the "Gold Key" kit....

So, Looks like I might not have a Tach after all! Bike isn't supposed to be here till August 23rd delivery.... :rolleyes: Have to figure out what do do

cox9000 said:
I just left my dealership and a brand new black (same color I ordered) FXDWG is on the showroom floor. The information on Harley's website is wrong -- the 2003 name plate is not on the handle bar clamp, it's on the speedometer. So I was freakin' out about nothing. I'm going back to my original plans of getting the mini Tach kit with the billet bracket and save myself $110.00. I sure am glad that's over. I don't know why the parts guy didn't tell me that the combo speedometer / Tach was only for the FXSTD models, he overlooked it also. Anyway I don't need it anymore.
WOW! what a sweet bike, she is beautiful -- can't wait to get mine.
I a damn silly idoit! Was talking to the PARTS guy and we determined that the new spedo/tach WILL work on all softails, we just read the damn description wrong!

So, if you want it, go for the combo Tach and Speedo, I am going to get mine!
1 - 3 of 16 Posts
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