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2003 Dyna Super Glide, What Rear Fenders Can I Fit?

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Hi All,
I have a 2003 dyna super glide that is currently running what I believe to be a wide glide rear fender? I will attach some photos with this post.
I really like the bobtail style rear fender and want to stick with that look, the problem is my current one has been butchered by a previous owner and I'd like to replace it rather than try repair.
As far as bolting straight up goes what other options do I have if any??
Open to any ideas even if minor modification is required to fit, a bit more restricted as far as parts availability goes in New Zealand but anything is possible. I have found a couple of wide glide fenders in USA(Ebay) but by the time I ship them it's a small fortune, if it ends up being the only option so be it.
Any help is greatly appreciated,
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