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2002 VRSC for sale

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Well, I hate to say it, but I am selling my VRSC.

The bike was delivered in March and I had the dealer add a touring windshield, sundowner seat, nerf bars, leather saddle bags, custom mirrors, Samson exhaust, PowerCommander module, Screamin Eagle air cleaner, siren, luggage rack. I'll even throw in a new Craftsmen motorcyce jack.

The bike has two thousand miles on it and runs like a dream!

If interested, send me an e-mail at sslivin at hotmail dot com.

St. Peters, MO
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I had my name in early for a two tone silver/black paint 2003. I am lucky I did. Apparently there is something to Harley's claim of limited producted on these V-rods. My dealer has two or three aluminum bodied 2003's in stock that arn't moving, but sold every two-tone. Last year, he had a 2002 sit around the show round for almost a year before it finally sold! Thus far, he has moved only about six 2002 and 2003 V-rods. If this is any indication, Harleys goal of moving 10,000 units in the 2003 model year may be overly optimistic.

Give time for JQ Harley buyer to get used to the V-Rod, and appreciate the bike. I would bet in a couple of years they won't be able to build enought of them to meet demand!

i talked to greenville harley today and the salesman was pretty candid with me.. he said that in the beginning the dealers got 1 per month. then each dealer got 4to5. they dont know what to do with the flood of v-rods, so the bottom has fallen out of the market. he blamed to problem on the company. he told me that he didnt know what to offer me with my high miles, but he noted it would be substantialy less than the 15500 going price for the new ones. the only good news is that i only paid 18900 fro mine last year. if i had paid 28k like some people, i would really be crying the blues. if i quit riding it, i will have it paid down to street value in 2 years!!

Fuh-getta-bout-it werewulf and ride it like you stole it!
i agree with the selling for profit idea! i dont really even want to sell it. but with 2 new bikes sitting in the garage, the payments are killing me, not to mention the insurance.
i have never made any money selling a motorcycle and i never will. im just kind of awed by how fast the bottom fell out of the v-rod market. i would love to keep the bike and it looks like i will!
i just hope that all this is not a sign that the v-rod is going to flop
LoL, werewulf. What do you mean flop ? Do you mean are they gonna stop making them ? GOOD !! Then there will be fewer on the road. It'll be a rare bike to see.
no, im talking like in buell! i had an x-1 buell. the buell was a neat bike and never gave me a moments problem. they werent accepted by the motorcycle community however. i didnt do my homework before i bought it and made a lot of assumptions. i assumed since i bought it at the harley shop that it would hold its value to a reasonable degree. NOT! i couldnt give it away, even with a thousand dollar custom paint job. even the buell dealers like tilleys, where i bought it wouldnt take it in trade. i finally had to go all the way to orlando harley to find someone that would even trade for the thing. they raped me on the trade. i lost a neat 5 grand right off the top in 8 months. now, i know that talk like this brings out the defensive nature in some v-rod owners. i heard the same thing when i was trying to sell the buell last summer. people said they didnt buy it to make money! they bought it to ride. well, the fact that i have over 14k miles shows that i did just that. well, i never dreamed of making money or even breaking even on anything with tires on it. but i really didnt plan on losing more than 6k per year either! there is an article this month in one of the magazines on how the company was the golden child in forbes mag. now since harley is flooding the market, some economist have negative reviews. this is just discussion! by the way, tilleys informed me that they are not taking anything in trade now, because the market is so bad! they dont want my deuce either.
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I just came back from Fantasy Week in Key West (what a blast) and just for the hell of it I went into Lauderdale Harley to check it out. I saw a 03 Road King loaded with every extra. It had been used as a demo and had 1200 miles on it. They offered me $19,800 for my 3000 mile 02 V-rod if I bought the 03 RK for $25,900 (I would be the first title holder). I thought the numbers sounded strange - too high for the v-rod and too high for the RK. I must say after touring on the v-rod I was tempted to buy a RK. What do you think?
That's an awful lot of money for a RK, bermuda. Or a V-Rod actually !! I never realized it till I got on this Forum, how much the prices on Harley's vary according to Geography.

Around here you can pick up 1 and 2 year old RK's for 16-17k all day. One like your describing probly around 18-20k. 25,900 would be getting into the range of that screaming Eagle RK.
IF you're hell bent n getting rid of it, I suggest that you sell off all of the add -ons at reasonable prices.

Then, as everyone has pointed out bring the cleaned up stock V-ROD with the title and manuals to Florida especially during Bike Week and either sell it outright or trade it.

You'll have 500k of your closest Biker friends form all over the world here looking to spend money.


Hi felas, I don't want to sound to abrasive here but I got my bike for MSRP=20,195. I could give a rats a$$ what resale is, I bought mine to ride and ride I will do:D That Fugly and I will have to hook up next summer and have a few brews;) Fug, I have a mission for 12,000 miles, I will need to ride my a$$ off to get there by years end:cool:
You'll be surprised how fast you hit 10k, Mark. I guarantee we'll do some riding this next year, I'll be heading up that way quite a bit. I've been collecting dealer pins and I've got most of em around here, the rest are up North.

I'm going to Hogrock next year, and maybe Little Sturgis too. Not sure about Beanblossom. I'm not even sure where they moved it to.
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