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JMS that is typical I think, I just purchased an anniversary shirt that had a pic of a 02 not a 03. Gota love it, it's a 99 year shirt not a 100.

As for resale there is a V-Rod now on eBay for mid $12K, but it has 7100 miles, good buy for someone:


But I won't be trading mine at any time took her out yesterday and still get all kinds of thumbs up and drivers yelling "Veeee Rod". And when I park it I always get at least 3-4 people coming up to it to look at it. Yesterday stop by a fast food place to grab a bit and saw people standing up in the place as I left to get a last look at it.

But if you want to sell your Duce I know of a guy whos looking for one, just PM me and I'll see if I can't contact him for you.

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