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This seems to come up repeatedly so I dug out my electrical manual. Here are the codes for the 7 place DIN connector for the Ultra Headset.

Looking at the connector with the index groove in the connector at the twelve o'clock position, the bottom pin is #2.
So clockwise from the index groove the pins are #6, #1, #4, #2, #5, #3, #7.

6 is the shield/ground (one o'clock postion)
1 is the microphone input (three o'clock position)
4 is the microphone ground (five o'clock position)
2 is the speaker ground (six o'clock position)
5 is the left speaker positive (seven o'clock position)
3 is the right speaker positive (nine o'clock position)
7 is the handheld PTT (eleven o'clock position)
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