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If any of you worked on cars you would notice that the front brakes also rub on cars. When you turn the wheels with the car on jack stands. The design on disc brakes are to just release the pressure off the calibers when the brake lever is released. There is no pressure to retract the pistons in to the bores of the caliber. Unlike drum brakes that have springs to pull the shoes away from the drum. Having the pads on a disc brake system lightly be in contact with the rotor gives a slightly faster response to braking sense the pads are making contact with the rotor. Where as the shoes on a drum brake system would have to move from a fully retracted position to make contact with the drum.
Just my thoughts and sense it does not seem to have any effect on cars I see no reason it should be a problem on bikes.

St. Louis Bob
2001 FLHTCUI Lux. Rich Red
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