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Well here goes. I've recently acquired the means to capture this pesky little problem I’ve been having with this intermittent engine light thing. I found out that (via my laptop and a nifty little piece of hard ware), the only code on my bike is: P0263 Rear Injector Open/Low.
Now just what the heck do, I do about it. Yea I know what your thinking if this guy can figure out how to communicate with his engine then why doesn’t he know how to fix the problems he finds!?!? Well I ask myself that question all the time but anyway… Just what does this error mean and just what can I do about it. I better tell you that I’ve done the stage 1 thing, K&N air filter, Python staggered’s and a Power Commander. The Power Commander is a Vance and Hines type. This all began about 2 months ago. She started getting hard to crank. The bike runs great once I can get it cranked. I’ve got good juice from a new battery, which I keep on a tender. But, it almost acts like it’s flooding but then she’ll fire off and run good. During my ride the engine light will come on intermittently. I believe this is what I captured. Once the bike is warmed up she’ll fire right off no problems. I sure could use any and all the help/info I can get. Thanks in advance.
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