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Going to go one by one here:

Did not replace the intake manifold gaskets but they did not look worn. Replaced all other gaskets on the carb.

It sounds like it runs out of fuel to me too. But it will stay running with the slightest turn of the throttle. Not sure what you mean by low float level but this brings up an interesting point that I had forgotten about. When I was putting the carb back together, the eyelet that is cast into the carb broke off. (Where the pin that holds the float in place goes into.). I ended up welding the pin back into place and the float seemed to operate normally, I.e. it would rotate about the pin with ease. Could this be the issue?

Not sure there’s dirt in the carb anymore as I cleaned the ever living hell out of it. Don’t think it’s valve timing as it was running fine until it sat for almost a year. These problems only recently manifested after I tried getting it going again. I’m leaning toward a mix issue which leads to the question: any recommendations on how to adjust the mixture? I followed the nightrider.com instructions but I seem to have caused myself more issues.

Will check the vent line again. Had that and the Petcock off when I took apart the carb so i’ll Check the connections again.

Really trying to avoid taking it to HD but might just have to bite the bullet. Was also thinking maybe just buy a new carb but don’t want to spend the dough if it could possibly be a motor issue. Thanks for the feedback fellas
So, why would you think it might be a motor issue? Wasn't it running before you started messing with the carb?

The float doesn't just need to spin, it needs to be set to the correct height in the bowl. There is a specific procedure for adjusting it properly. If it is set too low, it shuts off the flow before the bowl is filled properly, but I would think this wouldn't show up as an idle issue.

If twisting the throttle a small amount keeps it running then it seems like a cable adjustment could be the issue. It could also be an intake leak or trash in the carb as already mentioned.

So the big question is "did the bike run before you messed with it?" If not, it could be a jet problem.
1 - 1 of 24 Posts
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