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Posted on Preacher's TC-88 mailing list:


Subject: Compliance Recall Campaign #0603

Harley-Davidson Motor Company has determined that carbureted engines used in
2002 model-year Softail and Dyna models manufactured for sale in the U.S.,
Canada and California markets do not comply with United States Environmental
Protection Agency air quality regulation 40 C.F.R. 86 Subparts d), e), and
Division 3 of Title 13 of the California Code of Regulations and Schedule V
of the Consolidated Regulations of Canada, Vehicle Emissions Standard 1100

To bring all affected motorcycles into compliance with applicable emissions
regulations, Harley-Davidson has voluntarily declared a non-compliance
recall on 2002 model-year carbureted Softail and Dyna motorcycles
manufactured for sale in the United States, Canada and California, equipped
with carbureted Twin-Cam engines. This non-compliance recall does not, in
any way, affect safety.

This campaign involves the following 2002 Harley-Davidson domestic,
carburetor equipped models produced between 6/29/01 and 5/10/02: FXD, FXDX,
FXSTD. You may NOT SELL OR DELIVER any affected motorcycles to your
customers until the recall service has been performed.

In accordance with the applicable regulations, all registered owners of
affected motorcycles will be notified by Harley-Davidson Motor Company.
Affected motorcycle owners will be requested to schedule an appointment with
an authorized Harley-Davidson dealer, and then take the motorcycle in to the
dealer to have the recall service performed. Harley-Davidson will send a
Service Bulletin describing the details of the recall service and credit
procedure to all dealers within approximately 10 working days. The service
procedure will take approximately 30 minutes to complete.

In addition, a running change certification has been approved for all
carbureted Softail and Dyna models currently being manufactured for sale in
the U.S., Canada and California markets. The running change approval process
resulted in slight delays in the shipment of 2002 model-year carbureted
Softail and Dyna models to U.S., Canadian, and California dealers.

We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause you and our customers.



Harley-Davidson Motor Company


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The fix is to put EFI on them ....hehe. Doesn't meet EPA regs.... oooooooohhhhhhhh....I'm sooooooo scared.

99% of them don't meet EPA regs once they are modded, even if they did when they left the factory.

I don't think I'd be rushin to take my bike back to get it fixed if i had a carb bike.

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Wanna bet there is someone somewhere that will take the bike to the dealer for this.

The bigger problem may well be that if you take the bike to the dealer for an unrelated service they may very likely go and do it anyway if it pops up on the computer as not having been performed.

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Well I have an appointment this Monday for the 1000 checkup.

Guess I'd better see if they know about this and make sure that they DON'T preform the recall service then, right?

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NO KIDDING! I told Leece (huckelberry1) about his recall this a.m. I'm a lurker over at the TC-88 group, too. (And at Hippo's msn group as well. LOL)

If you've undertaken any Stage I modifications to your bike, this recall is meaningless. Interesting, it you're really into being p/c, but meaningless if you've modified your bike.

Final thought: Many members here are members of several different forums/boards/groups. And frankly that's a good thing. IMHO, sharing information is very important.

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I'd be interested in knowing exactly what the recall service involves. If it's something like a jet, slide or spring change, I'd bet that some smooth talking bike owner could talk some dealer's shop guy into putting parts in that aren't exactly what the recall had in mind, giving the recall parts to the owner for safe-keeping, and charging the labor to H-D ... ;-)

Not that I'd ever actually DO anything like that ...
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