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Listing these for my buddy. He has 3 bikes and has decided to sell one of these two and keep the one that doesnt sell. Here are the details:

Bike#1: 2003 Vrod. Eagle HD built 1350 stroker motor, SE heads, Mega-cycle cams, Falicon crank, 58mm t/b's, rinehart exhaust, se clutch w/ vpc, bike made 143hp/101tq and flies. Has PM wrath wheels, rotors, and pulley. PM brakes and contour controls. full carbon fiber body work. badlander seat. custom made bars. 240 tire. progressive shocks. there is a pic below and i have several others if anyone is interested. the bike has 10k on it but since it's revamp in 2005 the motor and all new wheels and bearings have 5k on them. He has not set a bottom $ price but is accepting SERIOUS offers. He has $44k into this one.

Bike#2: 2007 Softail Custom. SE113 motor. Andrews 59HG gear drive cams, HTTC CNC heads, SE50 t/b, SERT, SE roller rockers, vh big shot staggered pipes that have been jet hot coated. i dont have pics yet but the bike is suede blue and black two tone. starting from the front to back here are the cosmetic specs: Chrome PM judge wheels, rotors, calipers. HD black inverted forks. Softail deluxe riders w/ drag bar. PM contour controls w/ renthal grips.
COntour dash console. speedo/tach combo. HD air horn. LED gas fills. Roland Sands PM engine covers (rocker tops, clutch, cam covers). Lepera Bare Bones custom solo seat (custom made design pattern-retro look). braided lines. LED tail light. lowered w/ progressive shocks. metzler tires w/ 210 on rear. smooth fender struts powder coated black. chrome splash guard. SERT. PM pegs. I think thats about it. bike has 280 miles on it and is still on break in map. he has just under 40K into this one and again is accepting all serious offers. I will try to get some pics asap.

below is a pic of the vrod. i have posted it on here in different forums. The frame may look red but its actually a mettalic copper color. did i mention it flies.

pics here: http://www.v-twinforum.com/forums/showthread.php?t=92685
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