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2 carbon molecules

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Do not drink and drive your scooter and end up with a Halo like someone I know.


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With the amount of concentration it takes to ride, I just cannot imagine anyone wanting to drink and ride. I learned my lesson drinking and driving the hard way. Never again...

Ride safe, all. We want you around here.
Things sure have changed .Seems like all of us who survived the TT(tavern to tavern) runs are all growed up and sensible now that we finally realized how stupid we all were and we're not indestuctable after all .We didn't listen to advice then and neither will any of the new generation .Ya just have to learn for yourself .

Very true!

Sometimes I wonder how I survived to be as old as I am, and at the same time remember that my son will do some stupid $hit eventually, and just keep in mind that they will do what they do and ya just gotta be there to prop 'em up when they stumble off course. :)
MRBEAR, JoeJitsu,
You guys hit the nail on the head (missed my finger that time). I try not to remember the TT's where I barely could walk straight and rode the Sporty home (or in the general direction). But, we get older and hopefully wiser and wonder whassup with the whipersnappers. As JoeJitsu says, we gotta teach 'em and be there for 'em.
I won't drink and drive a car, not to mention, a bike. I agree, it takes too much concentration. Now smokin' crack and riding, that's a dif.......... :rolleyes: (Just jokin') J.T.
I also think 10 years ago the cagers didn't have as many distractions as they do now, like stereos that can stop your heart or those F***ing Cell phones. They just don't pay as much attention as they used to either and lets face it with more people from outside the US of A who aren’t used to cars that were as good as ours or go as fast is another factor. So we have to be extra careful now.

Words of wisdom passed on to me when I started riding.......Ride like you're invisible,cause to the cagers you are !
On the TT runs.when someone would ask "How come you guys back your bikes in to the curb?" I would tell'em "Cause when I come out I won't have to try to back away from the curb."
(Sorry for jumpin' on the thread) But, why do bikers back their bikes up to the curb? I know........another FNG question. J.T.
Because it's a bit*h to back out into traffic. It makes you more vulnerable... you can't see well when you're backing up, and you can't accelerate your way out of any trouble that pops up (like an oncoming minivan fulla screaming kids...).
Most streets are "pitched"so they will drain water to the curb. You would be backing uphill to some degree, sometimes alot. Much easier to back in and drive out. Like Tom said, easier to pull into traffic.
Actually I think that backing up to the curb has more to do with our primal instincts for survival, sitting with our backs to wall (curb), facing the door of the cave (street) where the danger lies. I cannot sit with my back to any door or entrance, can't do it. Besides, it's tough to back up a 600 lb. bike up the crown of the street.

VA V-Rod said:
and lets face it with more people from outside the US of A who aren’t used to cars that were as good as ours or go as fast is another factor.

Bad cars

Slow cars

More bad cars

More slow cars

worst cars ever

And I drive a Corvette which sure is fast but not the safest around!
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1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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